“Ronaldo was fooled by Al Nasr’s annual salary of 290 billion… Go to Real”


Brazilian legend’ Rivaldo스포츠토토 (51) said that ‘superstar’ Cristiano Ronaldo (38) may have been tricked into signing a contract with Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr.

Rivaldo argued that the Saudi league’s hefty salary obscures the struggles of the league and Middle Eastern life. Ronaldo signed a mega deal with Al Nasr last January for an annual £173 million (approximately 290 billion won).

In a recent interview with the Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo, he said, “Sometimes players are fooled by huge contracts signed with Saudi clubs. Life there is more closed and football is not always as easy as expected.”

“So he may be going through a little bit of disappointment and a phase of reflection,” said Rivaldo.

“Of course, fans have to accept that Ronaldo is no longer 25 or 26, but he can still help the club win titles,” said Rivaldo.

The British daily ‘Daily Mail’ reported that “Ronaldo’s partner, Georgina Rodriguez, is not satisfied with life in Saudi Arabia. He wants to return to Europe.”

Ronaldo scored 12 goals in 16 appearances for Al Nasr. Lately, he’s been annoyed with teammates, referees, and opposing team staff more often than he’s scored.

Ronaldo enjoyed the peak of his career at Real between 2009 and 2018. He played 438 matches and scored 450 goals.

‘Daily Mail’ said, “Real hopes for a reunion with Ronaldo, the PR ambassador, not Ronaldo the player.”

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