Samsung’s Yang Chang-seop, intentional misrepresentation controversy…commentator Oh Jae-won “hit the nail on the head”


Yang Chang-seop (23), a right-handed pitcher for the Samsung Lions of the Korean Baseball Organization, has been embroiled in a controversy for intentionally throwing a ball at an opposing batter’s body during a game.

Sports TV commentator Oh Jae-won raised suspicions by saying that he was convinced of the intention, and Yang Chang-seop responded through social media (SNS).먹튀검증

Yang came to bat in the top of the seventh inning with Samsung trailing 7-13 against the visiting SSG Landers in the 2023 Baseball World Series at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on April 24.

With the score tied at 7-7, Samsung’s bullpen was struggling and SSG had the bases loaded.

Yang Chang-seop took the mound and fired a fastball up the middle to Choi, followed by two pitches to the body.

The third one went over his head, causing him to panic.

Yang threw the fourth pitch toward the body, and it grazed his jersey and hit the body.

Choi glared at Yang, then headed to first base. It was an unspoken protest that the pitch was thrown intentionally.

“This was an open slap,” commentator Oh Jae-won said, “I hate this kind of situation the most.”

Yang Chang-seop took off his hat and bowed his head to apologize to Choi as he headed to first base, and commentator Oh Jae-won said, “There’s no need to apologize for this.”

This meant that Yang had intentionally thrown the ball at Choi.

Yang then struck out the next batter, Guillermo Heredia, with the bases loaded, but Samsung was unable to overcome the deficit and lost 10-13.

With their fifth straight loss, Samsung hasn’t been able to climb out of last place.

Yang’s message on social media.
[Captured from Yang Chang-seop’s social media. Redistribution and DB prohibited].

After the game, Yang posted a meaningful message on social media.

He wrote, “Fish are always caught with their mouths. Humans are also caught with their mouths. A line from the Talmud,” he wrote.

The message seemed to be aimed at commentator Oh Jae-won, who pointed out his pitch as an intentional dune.

Commentator Oh’s social media message.
[Social media capture of Oh Jae-won. Redistribution and DB prohibited].

Commissioner Oh responded in the same way.

He posted a picture on his social media saying, “A fool tells what he hears, a wise man tells what he sees. Talmud” on his social media page.

The implication is that he told what he saw.

The Samsung team said Yang did not intentionally throw a ball that hit him in the body.

“The flow of the game at the time was not a situation where he could intentionally throw a dune ball,” a Samsung official said in a phone call on the 25th, explaining, “It was a misunderstanding while fighting for the body.”

Oh Jae-won
[Courtesy of SPOTV. Resale and DB prohibited].

Meanwhile, commentator Oh Jae-won, who retired from the Doosan Bears last year, has often been in the news for his outspoken comments.

Last month, he sparked controversy when he criticized Park Chan-ho in a video interview, saying, “There were not one or two players who made fools of themselves by saying irresponsible things.”

Oh recently returned to the microphone after apologizing on social media following criticism of his irresponsible comments.

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