“Senior class of 76 kills junior class of 21″…’Garbage truck disaster’ Dongduk Women’s University sit-in 3rd day


Ten days ago스포츠토토, a Dongduk Women’s University student died after being hit by a garbage truck inside the school.

In the aftermath, conflict is growing, with students demanding the resignation of the president and holding a sit-in to occupy the main building.

In the meantime, no matter how much safety measures were requested, the school did not listen and the disaster occurred, so take responsibility.

Reporter Je Eun-hyo covered the scene.

◀ Report ▶

Today’s day, Dongduk Women’s University.

From the main gate, propaganda billboards calling for the resignation of the foundation’s chairman and president are closely attached.

Upon entering the school, both the statue of the chairman and the bust of the former chairman are filled with statements of condemnation written by students.

The main building where the president’s office is located.

The entire staircase and entrance door were plastered, and on the first floor, students’ sit-in has been going on for the third day day and night.

′′ School communicate with students and prepare safety measures. <Arrange, arrange, arrange


This is the slope where the accident occurred.

The large garbage dump located at the top of the steep slope has been demolished after the accident.

A new iron fence has been erected next to the wooden steps at the edge of the slope.

Improvements to other aging facilities were only made after the accident.

[Hana Joo/Vice President of Dongduk Women’s University Student Council]
“I said I would solve it if I told it… but after the accident happened, the stairs were repaired and the construction was generally carried out.”

Students burst into anger at the ‘backbook measures’.

This is because not only has the campus media publicized the dangers of slopes since five years ago, but also the school’s complacent attitude toward old facilities on campus was pointed out at a meeting between the president and the student council last year.

In the stenographic record of the meeting at the time, it was written that ‘I want you to be alert to the old facilities’ and ‘you need to check in advance and prevent’.

[Student at Dongduk Women’s University]
“Who would have thought that there would be deaths due to safety accidents at schools? All of this is the responsibility of President Myung-ae Kim and Chairman Cho Won-yeong. They said that they would come up with safety measures only after losing the lives of precious students.. “

As the students’ backlash grew, the president met with the student council for the first time 10 days after the accident today.

The Student Council has repeatedly urged the president’s resignation along with safety measures.

However, President Myung-ae Kim avoided an immediate answer on whether to resign, and the students plan to continue the sit-in until President Kim resigns.

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