So what should we take from all of this information from our online slots guide?


Well the most important thing is that if you end up losing a lot then the casino nor the provider is never the one responsible. It is just bad luck because games like Starburst can never be tweaked or hacked. If it is fair you want then with these games it is basically guaranteed. Whether or not a casino pays you out is another thing. That is why we urge you to use our list of casino reviews, where you can filter casinos by their credibility rating. Using this for finding an online casino, is the best way to put yourself in the safest possible position to collect your winnings after a big hit. 스포츠토토

Volatility and RTP of online slots

Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) and volatility or variance are the 2 most important characteristics of an online slot game. These mathematical numbers show you how much you get paid and how often.

Theoretical Return to Player

RTP means how much money you will get back in the long term. What does it mean? Well it means that if you made 100 spins with a bet of 1€ and the RTP of a slot game is 98% then you get back 98€ after the spins have been completed. Of course this applies in theory. In practice you might be having a hot streak and win with your 100 spins. In order for the long run to play out one must make millions of spins and only then the RTP will show its real results.


Here our online slots guide shows the strategy of winning.

Volatility shows you how often you win. Games with higher volatility have higher variance. So in these games you will hit winning combinations in fewer times but when you do hit then the win is bigger.

Leaving lottery aside, slots are the most volatile gambling types there are. That is why their jackpots are also the biggest. If you like playing high volatile games, then our online slots guide gives you a couple of tricks you could use in order to increase the variance of slot games.

You can change the paylines to minimum. That will set your bet for a single payline to maximum so the wins will be bigger but happen less frequently.
If a slot game allows, then you can use the double up button after the win. This does not alter the games RTP but will raise the variance.

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