Soccer field motorbike intrusion incident… What’s going on?


A motorcycle crashed into the soccer field. It happened in the Dutch 8th tier.

The Daily Star, a British media outlet스포츠토토, reported on the 22nd (Korean time) that “a disgruntled resident living next to a soccer field started his motorcycle and ran instead of leaving a passive and aggressive message on the local Facebook community.”

A resident living near a soccer field was upset by the noise. He set off firecrackers on the soccer field, and he is said to have been enraged when his rear horse was startled. So this man rode a motorcycle and entered the ground. Naturally, the players argued, and only then did they drag their motorcycles and disappear. 

The incident occurred during a match between Vinhuizen and Vitesse 63, an amateur team in the Dutch 8th division. The media said, “It wasn’t at the Johan Cruyff Arena (Ajax’s home stadium), but it was a very important match for both teams.” I gave up three goals in an instant and lost 1-4.”

The chairman of Binhuijian was angry. Surprisingly, this is because the person who rode into the motorcycle was a player who played for Binhuijian in the past.

Binhuizen chairman Keith van der Rest said, “(The bike crash) was irritating. We have to keep an eye on safety in the stadium,” he said. “We know our neighbors (men) well. He played for us when he was young.”

“We will talk to him. He seems to have acted emotionally. We want a good relationship with him. After all, we are neighbors.” 

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