‘Spying on daughter-in-law’ mother-in-law installed home cam, found ‘not guilty’


A mother-in-law who installed a hidden camera in her home to listen in on a conversation between her daughter-in-law and her son was acquitted메이저놀이터. The court ruled that there was insufficient evidence that the mother-in-law overheard the conversation.

On September 9, the Jeju Criminal Division of the Gwangju High Court (Presiding Judge Lee Jae-shin) dismissed the prosecution’s appeal against mother-in-law A, who was acquitted in the first trial on charges of violating the Protection of Communications Secrets Act. As the prosecution did not file an appeal, the case was finalized as an acquittal.

Mother-in-law A was charged with violating the Protection of Communications Secrets Act by installing a home closed-circuit (CC) TV inside a basket of clothes in her study at her home in Jeju City. Through the ‘home cam’, she overheard the conversation between her daughter-in-law and her son, and was charged with violating the Communications Secrets Protection Act.

The prosecution argued that “under the Communications Secrets Protection Act, no one is allowed to record or listen to conversations between other people that are not publicly disclosed, but A secretly installed a home camera to spy on his daughter-in-law B.”

However, the first instance court acquitted him, saying, “It is difficult to say that the evidence submitted by the prosecution alone proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant used the home camera to listen to the victim’s conversation.”

“In her complaint, the victim only questioned the installation of the home camera, not whether the conversation was being listened to,” he said, adding, “There was no video recording of the daughter-in-law and son on Mr. A’s cell phone.”

“It is difficult to recognize a violation of the Protection of Communications Secrets Act based on the prosecution’s evidence alone,” said Deputy Chief Judge Lee.

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