Table tennis dream academy is born…Table tennis association, sponsorship agreement with SeAH Group

 The Korea Table Tennis Association (Chairman Yoo Seung-min, KTTA) signed a sponsorship agreement with SeAH Group, a steel company, on the 19th and decided to actively foster youngsters.

The main goal is to establish the tentatively named ‘KTTA-SeAH Table Tennis Dream Academy’ in March next year to focus on fostering the lower grades of elementary school. To this end, it was decided to select 10 male and female prospects through an open audition in February of next year to launch the ‘1st generation of dream trees’. It was also decided to establish the SeAH Cup, a youth table tennis tournament.

The sponsorship agreement ceremony was held in the conference room on the 31st floor of SeAH Tower, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the same day. The table tennis association was attended by Seung-Min Yoo, Executive Vice President Taek-Soo Kim, Vice-Chairman Moon-Seon Chae, Executive Director Gook-Hee Ahn, and Tae-Sung Lee, CEO of SeAH Holdings from the SeAH Group. Teenage table tennis star Shin Yu-bin (18, Korean Air) also attended the event.

The amount of the sponsorship was not disclosed according to the agreement between the two sides, but it is known to be a considerable amount. CEO Lee Tae-seong said, “Korea used to be a table tennis powerhouse, but looking back 10 years, it is lagging behind Europe, China and Japan. However, he felt hope after seeing young players such as Shin Yu-bin. I am honored to be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of youth table tennis.” 메이저사이트

Chairman Yoo Seung-min said, “In the case of table tennis, life sports have been activated, but elite sports are drawing a downward curve. Most of all, the youth side is having a hard time. I sincerely thank SeAH Group for making a difficult decision to nurture young people at a time when it is impossible to say that the future of table tennis is bright.” He continued, “It is not a business to report this year or next year. looking at the big picture We will focus on managing players in the lower grades of elementary school to revitalize youth table tennis.”

Chae Moon-seon, vice president of the Table Tennis Association (CEO Tallidacum), who is known to have played a decisive role in this sponsorship, said, “I know that table tennis in China is over the top, and table tennis in Japan is systematic. Nurturing youth is important. In Japan, many companies participate as sponsors,” he said, expressing his wish that “I hope other companies will also participate in nurturing youth table tennis.