The best center shoots up to 3 points… KGC solo that no one can stop


Anyang KGC, thanks to the performance of Oh Se-geun (36), who is evolving into a ‘three-point’ center, continues to lead in first place. It’s already 9 wins in a row.카지노

KGC won 89-67 against LG in Changwon on the 15th. It was a big match that was evaluated as a championship match that was previewed before the match. When I opened the lid, it ended with a one-sided score difference. It was a game that KGC dominated with more than the final score. KGC took the lead from the start of the first quarter and did not give it up throughout the game. At the end of the first half, the score was 59-37, a 22-point difference. If KGC had not been distracted in the second half when the score gap widened, it would have scored more than 100 points.

It is Oh Se-geun who brought that momentum. On this day, Oh Se-geun started shooting 3 points from the 1st quarter and overpowered LG with 14 points in the 1st quarter, and dominated the entire game with a total of 26 points. The four 3-pointers recorded on this day were the most in his personal career (previously 3).

As the best center in Korea in terms of height and power, he even shot from the perimeter, and the LG defense collapsed. KGC dominated throughout the game with 47 rebounds (30 from LG) and 16 points from second chances (9 from LG).

After the game, Oh Se-geun said, “All the players knew it was an important game. The defense and rebounding were good from the first quarter, but it naturally worked out in the offense as well. This led to a pleasant victory as he went well until the 4th quarter.”

Oh Se-geun barely made a 3-point shot until the 2019-20 season. Until the last 2020-21 season, the average number of three-point shots was a career high of 0.1. However, it increased to an average of 0.4 last season, and is recording 0.7 this season. He has made two or more three-pointers in eight games this season.

Oh Se-geun said, “I’m always thinking about the 3-point shot. Even if it’s not an LG match, there are so many situations where you are matched up with a foreign player. So he increased the shooting distance,” he said, looking back.

With this victory, KGC ran away with 2nd place LG by 4.5 games. Considering the number of remaining games (11 games), the first place has almost been solidified. It was like showing through the championship game that previewed why KGC was in first place. It was a game that revealed the style of former coach Kim Seung-gi, who led KGC until last year, and another coach Kim Sang-shik. Last year, if KGC went strong in the early stages and allowed a turnaround at the end, now there are many victories in close matches.

Moon Seong-gon said, “The difference in tempo” after the game. “Last year, we widened the score gap and killed the tempo in the second half. This season, he did everything he could on offense without killing his tempo. He seems to be conserving his stamina as he plays defensive rather than aggressive defense. When the tempo goes up, players have to raise it all the time, but if they suddenly lower the tempo, their condition deteriorates. This season, I think doing well in that part is a factor in not being pushed back in the 4th quarter,” he explained. With the victory

that day, KGC proved that it is the number one candidate to win the championship match this season. Only three championship rings Oh Se-geun’s presence stands out even more.,Oh Se-geun said, “I think the playoffs are more important, so I personally take care of my body, but the coach pays a lot of attention. Thanks to you, I will improve not only my physical condition but also my concentration in the playoffs.” I think I can do it.”

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