“The customer who packed the fish cakes asked me to pay 300,000 won for leaking soup in the car”


A story was told that a customer who packed 3,000 won worth of fish cakes demanded compensation of 300,000 won for washing the car, saying that the soup leaked from the car.

On the 18th, on the online community ‘Bobaedream’토스카지노, a post titled ‘I suffered something I only saw on the news, should I compensate?’ was posted.

Writer A, a self-employed person, said, “The customer packed 3,000 won worth of fish cakes and left, but he must have put what he bought on top of the fish cakes.”

Looking at the photo posted by Mr. A, the bottom of the cloth bag that appears to be the customer’s shopping cart is soaked. The car seat was soaked with fish cake soup from the shopping cart.

He said, “We even thought about washing the inner sheets, but (customers) said, ‘We have to take out the sheets,’ and ‘We got an estimate of at least 300,000 won.’ But the customer said, ‘What if I still don’t fall in? How can I trust you?’ The customer is currently claiming insurance processing.

Mr. A complained, “Honestly, a taxi costs 150,000 to 200,000 won for damage to a car, but at least 300,000 won… It’s not an expensive car, it’s an old domestic car.

Then he said, “I closed the store and watched all the CCTV with his husband. No matter how many times I looked, the staff confirmed that the fish cake soup was not leaking and gave it to me. As the customer puts it in the shopping cart, he even checks to see if he is going.”

Then, he was upset, saying, “The sale was completed as a normal product, but do we have to pay compensation? In the CCTV released by Mr. A, an employee put the fish cake in a plastic container, wrapped the top with vinyl, and checked it.

Netizens who came across this story said, “There is no need to ask,” and said that it was the customer’s negligence. They left comments such as “It seems to have exploded with pressure because a heavy object was placed on top of the fish cake”, “Just ignore these truths”, and “Trying to extort money while packing 3,000 won fish cake”.

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