“The risk of cardiovascular disease is lower when ‘this’ is consumed than soy milk”


According to the Korea Food Communication Forum (KOFRUM) on the 14th, a research team led by Professor Kim Hyo-seon of the Department of Technology and Family Education at Kongju University conducted a survey of 4113 men and women aged 40 to 64 who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2012 to 2016스포츠토토, and found the relationship between milk and soy milk intake and cardiovascular 

disease . As a result of the correlation analysis, blood 

HDL (so-called ‘good cholesterol’) levels were higher in people over 40 who drank milk three times a week than those who did not drink milk or soymilk or who did drink soymilk. The results of this study were published in a recent issue of the Journal of the Korean Society of Food and Nutritional Science.Professor Kim’s research team classified the study subjects into ▲ a group that does not drink either milk or soy milk ▲ a group that consumes only milk three times a week ▲ a group that consumes only soy milk three times a week.The group that did not drink either cow’s milk or soy milk accounted for the most with 61.5% of the total, followed by 26.0% of the group that consumed milk 3 times a week, and 12.5% ​​of the group that consumed soy milk 3 times a week.The risk of cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years was 5.9% in the group that consumed milk three times a week, lower than that of the group that consumed no milk or soymilk (7.1%) or the group that consumed soymilk three times a week (8.0%).In particular, among women aged 50 to 64, the average 

HDL cholesterol level in the milk consumption group was 53.5 mg/dL, which was higher than that of the non-consuming group (51.7 mg/dL) or the soy milk consumption group (51.2 mg/dL). 

It is known that the higher the level of HDL cholesterol in the blood , the better the health of blood vessels.In the thesis, Professor Kim’s research team said, “The daily milk intake of Koreans over the age of 40 is significantly less than the recommended amount of 1 cup (200ml) of milk for adults set by the Korean Nutrition Society, and the rate of drinking milk three times a week is also 26.0%,” he said. “The results of this study showed that among adults over 40 years of age, those who drank milk 3 times a week had higher blood 

HDL cholesterol levels than those who did not drink milk or who drank soy milk 3 times a week, and the risk of cardiovascular disease was lower. conclusion,” he said.He added, “For adults over 40, consuming soy milk with cow’s milk will benefit cardiovascular health.”

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