The smile of the command tower watching the first training “You prepared well, it felt good”


Coach Lee Kang-chul of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team, who finished the first training session, pledged to do well.메이저놀이터

On the 16th (Korean time), coach Lee met with reporters after training at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. I think,” he said. “The players also have a lot of pride. When I heard the beasts talking to each other earlier, they said, ‘I feel good,'” he added.

On this day, the national team proceeded with the schedule one hour later than the original time. The ground conditions were not good as the rain that had been falling since dawn turned to snow, and the weather also had the effect of getting colder. Head coach Lee, who first arrived in the field for training for his team KT Wiz, said, “After this time, the wind subsides. The wind tends to get a little stronger in the afternoon. They say that the weather will improve a lot from the next training turn.” .

In the first training session, the national team was divided into pitcher and fielder groups and warmed up simply by practicing catch balls and batting. Most of the players have progressed to some extent through the spring camp of their team that started earlier this month. Coach Lee said, “The fielders have prepared very well. The defense has also been well done.” I plan to play my first game, and the number of pitches (per pitcher) is 20 to 25. I asked the NC for their understanding.” He said, “I’m so grateful to NC. In fact, it was impossible to play at this time, but I caught it. I said ‘no way’ and made a decision. I was grateful at that time, but I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to coach Kang In-kwon and NC.” said.

Manager Lee said, “It is important for the players to build up their physical condition, but there are also many difficult tournament rules. I am a little worried about what to do. I think I need to see a lot of pitchers first.” In big games, I think it’s right to leave it to pitchers who are in good condition. Everything is decided in one game, so I can’t test whether it’s good or bad.” Regarding the pitching of So Joon So-jun (KT), who started pitching in the bullpen that day, he said, “I had a cold and I was in a bad condition today, but today I saw that my two-seam pitching was gradually improving. He said,” he said.

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