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Before building career readiness, a student needs to have a strong career identity first. Career identity can be interpreted as self-awareness regarding what one wants, as well as how future job preferences will be chosen, interpreted, and loved. Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of the required competencies. Broadly speaking, career readiness shapes and prepares college graduates for a successful transformation into the world of work.

Eggs have been handed over to Balai staff as many as 116 packages of 2 kg each. Global/intercultural fluency. Worldwide competence or intercultural influence enables a person to appreciate, respect, or learn from diverse races, cultures, ages, genders, and religions.

The theme raised from the talk show skill series is very interesting and impressive. Three sources who had an interesting journey while studying at UAD so that they can be said to be successful in pursuing their studies and careers. He, the sources, advised UAD students that the journey does not start tomorrow or whenever, but when we first enter college the first day. process, don’t be afraid to try to start new things, take advantage of your day in the world of lectures for things that are beneficial to yourself and those around you, and whatever you do today you will reap in the future. In this increasingly sophisticated era, there are various career choices that require various skills. Students are required to have career readiness so that they are able to adapt to an increasingly dynamic career world every time. 카지노

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This activity was carried out from 09.00 to 10.52 WIB. The talkshow is carried out online through BIMAWA UAD’s YouTube live streaming. This talk show activity has been accessed 844 times by the audience. Important thinking/problem addressing. Critical thinking or problem solving skills can be developed by practicing reasoning to analyze problems, make decisions, and solve problems.

Someone with this competency will demonstrate openness, sensitivity, inclusivity, and the ability to interact respectfully with all people and understand individual differences. Leadership skills can be developed by leveraging the strengths of others to achieve common goals, as well as using interpersonal skills to train and develop others. Someone with this competency will be able to use empathy skills to guide, motivate, organize, prioritize, and delegate work. Digital technology capabilities can be developed by ethically and efficiently utilizing digital technology to help solve problems, complete tasks, and achieve goals.

Oral and written communication skills are demonstrated by clearly and effectively articulating thoughts and ideas, either in written or oral form, to people inside and outside the organization. A person is said to have this competence if he is able to express ideas to others, has public speaking skills, and can write or edit memorandums, letters and technical reports clearly and effectively. Today Monday 14 February 2022 BBPTUHPT Baturraden as the UPT Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health has contributed to buying breeder eggs as an effort by the Ministry of Agriculture to stabilize egg prices and help increase egg prices at the level of laying hens in the Ranch area of ​​Banyumas.

This is probably due to differences in entrepreneurial activity. In his remarks, the Regent of Banjarnegara Syamsudin, S.Pd, M.Pd hoped that the existence of a digital village would encourage the millennial generation to be more creative in working together in developing villages.

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Someone is said to have this competence if he is able to acquire, interpret, and use knowledge, facts, and information in thinking, and can show originality and creativity. As is known, the President of the Republic of Indonesia is targeting a 14% reduction in the stunting rate in 2024. Currently the national stunting rate is 24.4% while for Banjarnegara Regency it is 23.16%, he added. For three months before the bride and groom get married, a health check will be carried out, including height, weight, arm circumference and anemia. The Governor also visited the RTLH location belonging to Pono, a resident of Gemuruh Village, Bawang District.

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The career readiness of students who will graduate is very important in the higher education level, the labor market, and the public sphere. Although until now the size and definition of career readiness is still uncertain. Today, 23 February 2022, we are the Center for Superior Livestock Breeding and Forage Animal Feed, Baturraden as one of the technical implementation systems of the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health – the Ministry of Agriculture continues to strive to improve the quality of Dairy Cow and Dairy Goat Livestock. In order to improve the quality of management of the Elderly Family Development group, on Tuesday 14 June 2022 at the PPNI Building in Banjarnegara Regency, the Head of Dispermades PPKB Banjarnegara Regency Hendro Cahyono, SE, M.Sc carried out Advocacy and Coordination activities for the Establishment of Elderly Schools. This activity was guided by a mediator, namely Alivia Eka Arianti who is a UAD Peer Counselor. Oral/written communication.

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