‘Ukraine Participation’ Korean American Marine Corps Reserve Officer ‘Warrior’ Confirmed


It was belatedly known that a former US Marine Corps officer of Korean descent who went missing while participating in the International Volunteer Army in the Ukraine War was killed in action.

The news of the death came to light as a story related to the death of Captain Grady Krupasi, a reserve officer, was recently posted on the American online fundraising site GoFundMe.

According to a post posted by William Lee on behalf of the wife of the deceased Krupasi, Krupasi, who was discharged in September 2021토토사이트, left for the battlefield to support Ukraine.

He was originally intended to train soldiers, but as the war progressed intensively, commanders with combat experience were needed.

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that the reserve captain Krupasi has been missing since he was last seen in southern Ukraine in July of last year, and his family and friends are looking for his whereabouts.

The Washington Post reported that Krupasi, a member of the International Volunteer Army, went missing after moving to a temporary observation post with Andrew Hill, a British citizen, and Hill, who was with him, was arrested by Russian forces.According to the GoFundMe article, Krupasi Reserve Captain, who was born in Korea and adopted to the United States, enlisted in the Marine Corps when the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred while living in New York, and it is written that he was dispatched to Iraq three times.

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