‘Unfortunate defeat’ BNK coach Jeongeun Park “It’s fortunate that Jinan found a rhythm”

“The part where Jinan found a rhythm is encouraging. 

Busan BNKsome lost 63-67 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league match against Asan Woori Bank Woori WON held at Sajik Gymnasium on the 18th. 2 consecutive losses BNK, who recorded 9 wins and 6 losses, finished in 3rd place. 

Coach Park Jeong-eun said, “Before we started, I asked them to stick together in defense, but they did a good job with that part. However, I was disappointed in the foul management, and because of that part, I regret not being able to take the game to the end. Still, the part where Jinan found a rhythm is encouraging,” he said.

Director Park continued, “I saw that Woori Bank would have a weakness in the schedule, and I thought that the shooting accuracy would be poor. I thought that if I bothered with my stamina, my shot would drop in the second half. He added, “Today was an advantageous game in the schedule, so I said let’s stick together.”

On this day, Jinan played an active role, scoring 18 points despite foul trouble. 

Director Park said, “I took a little gamble. When I asked him if he could do it, he told me to believe him, so he told me to give it a try. At first, there was a part that I avoided, so I asked for it to be active, but I think I overdid it.

That part was regrettable, but I think the trust between the player and the bench is important, so I tend to believe it once when I ask for it.”토토사이트

Coach Park said, “When I was a player, I felt that when I played against Woori Bank, I really tried to block 3-pointers. Lee So-hee was in charge of our team’s 3-pointer, so I was blocked. If I had a little more time at the beginning of the season when I had stamina, now There is a tendency to be impatient. The 3-point shot is also a 3-point shot, but I think we need to have a meeting because I can see the part where I can’t find a gap in the 2-point field goal attempt. I hope you think it’s a learning process and I think you’ll overcome it smartly.