Weightlifting Kim Soo-hyun “Hangzhou AG competing with lover Pi Jae-yoon… No regrets”


Jae-yoon will also participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games.”

Kim Soo-hyeon (28, Busan City Sports Association) introduced his ‘lover’ Jae-yoon Pi (22) with his unique bright energy.

Pi Jae-yoon was selected as the representative of the Hangzhou Asian Games in the men’s 75 kg category of karate kumite.

Kim Soo-hyun also won the women’s 76kg class at the 2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships, virtually securing her right to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kim Soo-hyun, whom we met at the Jinju Gymnasium on the 13th, said, “Everyone knew about it, but after the game (on the 10th), I held a press conference, and I saw my boyfriend sitting behind me. More people knew about it.” The exercise gets better afterward. The results were good on the day Jaeyoon came to cheer.”

Thanks to her bright personality, Kim Soo-hyun, who is known as ‘the sports world’, met Pi Jae-yoon through the introduction of Park Hee-joon, a national karate representative.

Kim Soo-hyun said, “Hee-jun introduced her brother two years ago, saying, ‘All men are similar, but Jae-yoon is a little better. Meet her once.’ remembered the beginning of

As he said, when Pi Jae-yoon was in the crowd, Kim Soo-hyeon exerted more strength.

At the National Sports Festival in October 2022, which was the first after starting her relationship, Kim Soo-hyun lifted 109 kg of snatch, 143 kg of jerk, and 252 kg in total, and she won gold medals in all three categories.

In particular, he broke his own Korean record by 1kg in the dragon statue.

At the 2022 World Weightlifting Championships held in Bogota, Colombia in December of last year, Jaeyoon Pi could not ‘see’.

Instead, Pi Jae-yoon gave Kim Soo-hyun a ‘Taegeukgi hairpin’ as a gift.

Standing on the platform wearing this hairpin, Kim Soo-hyun lifted 108kg of impression, 137kg of jerk, and 245kg in total, and came in 3rd place.

This is the first total medal won by Kim Soo-hyun, who suffered from bad luck in major competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships despite having international competitiveness.

Kim Soo-hyun’s medals at her world championships earned her the 2022 Women’s Best Athlete by the Korea Weightlifting Federation.

Pi Jae-yoon took some time during training to visit Jinju, where the Asian Championships were held, and watched his lover Kim Soo-hyun win with a snatch of 109kg and a jerk of 134kg, totaling 243kg.

There is only one Korean athlete, Kim Soo-hyun, who won the overall championship at the Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships스포츠토토.

Kim Soo-hyun, who had won only two silver medals (2017, 2020) and one bronze medal (2019) in total at the Asian Championships, proudly rose to the title of ‘Asian Champion’ at the tournament held in Korea.

Kim Soo-hyun said, “I was embarrassed because my physical condition did not improve as much as I thought. I am not satisfied with the record.”

He then listed the strengths of the ‘national team couple’.

Kim Soo-hyun said, “Although the sports are different, we share training methods and share concerns. it does,” he said.

Kim Soo-hyun plans to overcome the Asian Games nightmare with Pi Jae-yoon.

Kim Soo-hyun finished 4th consecutively at the Asian Games in Incheon in 2014 and Jakarta and Palembang in 2018.

In the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, in a situation where you can win a bronze medal by lifting 140 kg, Kim Soo-hyun said, “Am I not allowed to win a medal at the comprehensive competition?” I was also frustrated.

However, last year Kim Soo-hyun realized the importance of ‘tension’ and ‘relaxation’.

Kim Soo-hyun said, “I have been training in a tense state for too long ahead of international competitions. During the World Championships last year, I confirmed that good results can be achieved by preparing and playing more freely.” “I felt a lot while standing on the podium at international competitions. I’m not conceited, but I won’t push myself away. When I compete with a smile, I get better results,” he said.

As she competes in the Hangzhou Asian Games with Pi Jae-yoon, she can receive support from her boyfriend from a close distance.

Of course, Kim Soo-hyun, who is on the stage of the third Asian Games, plans to support Jae-yoon Pi, who is having his first comprehensive tournament, with both physical and mental aspects.

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