Who are the most recognized referees in KBL?


Who are the most recognized referees in the 2022-202 season?

Anyang KGC’s combined victory ended the 2022-2023 season.

The referees only pay attention when there is a misjudgment. It is difficult to say that he made a perfect decision even in the championship match.

Just as players cannot play perfectly throughout the game, neither can the referee.

Getting attention can be poisonous, but we took a look at who the most talented referees were throughout this season.

The referees assigned to the championship match, the final stage to determine the best team, can be said to be the most recognized referees in the current KBL.

The referees assigned to the championship match are as follows:

◆ Championship Match Judges
Champ 1 Jang Jun-hyeok, Lee Seung-moo, Shin Dong-han, Kim Do-myeong Champion
2 Kim Do-myeong, Lee Seung-hwan, Lee Sang-jun, Jang Jun-hyeok Champ 3 Jang Jun-hyuk, Kim Do-myeong, Park Gyeong-jin, Lee Seung-moo Champ
4 Lee Seung-moo, Lee Seung-hwan, Shin Dong-han, Lee Sang-jun Champ
5 Jang Jun-hyeok, Lee Seung-moo, Park Gyeong
-jin, Lee Seung
-hwan Champ 6 Kim Do-myeong, Lee Seung-hwan, Lee Sang-jun, Jang Jun-hyeok
Champ 7 Jang Jun-hyuk, Kim Do-myeong, Shin Dong-han, Park Gyeong-

Along with referee Junhyeok Jang who won the referee award, referee Domyeong Kim was assigned 4 games each. Judge Joon-hyeok Jang was the referee for the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th games. In the 2nd and 4th games, he kept the field with a sense of standby. He was on the field 6 out of 7 games. The fact that he is the best referee in KBL is also revealed in the championship match assignment.

Referee Kim Do-myeong was the referee for the 2nd and 6th games, and also took part in the 7th game. This season, it seems to judge that he has the ability next to referee Jang Jun-hyeok.

Shin Dong-han, Lee Seung-moo, and Lee Seung-hwan each blew their whistles for three games. Among the KBL referees, referee Lee Seung-moo, who knows the FIBA ​​game rules best, was the referee in the 4th game.

In addition, referees Park Gyeong-jin and Lee Sang-jun stood on the court for two games each.

◆ Number of matches assigned to the championship match
Kim Do-myung 4G
Jang Jun-hyeok 4G
Shin Dong-han 3G Lee
moo 3G Lee Seung-hwan 3G
Park Gyeong-jin 2G Lee Sang-
jun 2G
※ Excluding waiting referees

How was last season’s championship match, which ended in 5 games? Shin Dong-han, Lee Sang-jun, Lee Seung-moo, and Lee Seung-hwan referees were assigned three games each, and Kim Tae-hwan, Park Gyeong-jin, and Ahn Young-seon온라인카지노 referees were assigned one game each. Referee Jang Jun-hyeok did not participate in the championship match due to an injury.

We also looked at the championship match of the 2020-2021 season, which ended in 4 games. Referees Lee Seung-moo, Lee Seung-hwan, and Jang Jun-hyeok each played two games, while Kim Tae-hwan, Park Beom-jae, Shin Dong-han, Yun Ho-young, Lee Sang-jun, and Lee Tae-hee each stood on the best stage. It is noteworthy that nine referees were evenly assigned in the 2020-2021 season, unlike the last two seasons where only seven referees were operated.

Referee Kim Do-myeong, who served as the referee twice this season, did not participate in the championship match in the past two seasons.

Referees Lee Seung-moo and Lee Seung-hwan took turns as referees in the championship match last season without referee Jun-hyeok Jang, and in the 2020-2021 season, they alternated with referee Jun-hyeok Jang.

Looking at the championship matches over the past three seasons, it should be seen that referees Lee Seung-moo and Lee Seung-hwan are being recognized for their skills following Judge Jun-hyeok Jang.

There is one thing to consider here.

KBL is selecting a round MVP referee just as it awards a round MVP among players. The winners of this season’s Round MVP Award are as follows:

◆ Round MVP Referee
1R Judge Junhyeok Jang, Referee
2R Sangjun Lee,
Referee 3R Referee Seungmu
Lee, Referee
4R Judge Gyeongjin Park, Referee 5R Referee Youngseon Ahn, Referee
6R Referee Jiyeon

Lee. It should be seen that there is no overlapping awards.

Referee Lee Seung-hwan, who was assigned the most in the championship match after referee Jun-hyeok Jang, is not among the round MVP referee winners.

Conversely, a referee who won the round MVP referee award was assigned only one game not only in the championship match, but also in the 6th and 4th round playoffs.

KBL often assigns less experienced referees early in the season. This is because, just as players improve their skills only when they stand on the court, referees also need to gain practical experience. However, towards the end of the season, the less experienced referees are nowhere to be seen. In the playoffs, fewer and fewer referees are assigned. And in the championship match, he digests it as the best elite referee.

Mungyeong, the head of the referees, was also the head of the KBL game headquarters.

The skills of the round MVP judges, who are directly selected and awarded by KBL, and the actual judges will not be the same. However, just as the highest field goal success rate does not make the best player, it is necessary to reconsider whether KBL’s round MVP award is being awarded only in one aspect.

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