Why do we say ‘drop shot’ in tennis?


In sports terminology, ‘drop’ has several meanings. In golf, a drop means to pick up a ball and drop it in a designated place according to the rules스포츠토토. In the past, he would stand up straight for the hole and drop the ball over his shoulder and behind him. The recently changed rule is that the dropping point has become knee-high. In baseball, it is a type of curve that refers to a ball that falls downward. These days, the word ‘sinker’, which means sinking, is used more than drop. In sports such as tennis and badminton where rackets are used, the word ‘shot’ is added to the back to mean the technique of falling right over the net.

According to the English glossary, ‘drop shot’ is a compound word of ‘drop’, a noun meaning falling, and ‘shot’, a noun meaning shooting. ‘drop’ is derived from Old German ‘drupon’, and was transformed through Old English ‘dropa’ and Middle English ‘drope’. ‘shot’ is derived from Old German ‘skutan’, and was used from Middle English through Old English ‘scot’. It was a word that meant a shot that hit hard with the meaning of a drink. American Paul Dixon Baseball Dictionary explains that it was used in 1880 to mean a hard hit liner.

A successful drop shot is hit gently with topspin or backspin and lands just above or close to the net. (Refer to this corner #951, ‘Why is it called ‘backspin’ in tennis?’) Used as a surprise attack to make it difficult for an opponent to make an aggressive or offensive shot. A well-executed drop shot will leave the opponent unable to use their hands. Even if he rushes toward the ball, he loses his balance due to the falling pitch.

To do a good drop shot, you must have a good touch. It’s because you have to use spin well. You need to slow down the ball or reduce the height of the bounce with backspin or topspin. If the drop shot doesn’t work properly, you can allow the opponent to counterattack. A soft drop shot that barely crosses the net is sometimes referred to as a ‘dink’, a term borrowed from volleyball.

Drop shots are slightly different depending on the characteristics of the court material. On grass, the ball tends to bounce low, making drop shots more difficult to block. On clay courts, players tend to rally from behind the baseline, requiring quicker movement to block drop shots near the net. On hard courts, it is less powerful than on grass or clay courts, but it can be useful.

‘Drop volley’, which involves slightly loosening the grip of the racket close to the net and cutting it, is widely used as a main weapon by world-class players, and John McEnroe, the ‘bad guy on the court’, is a representative. (Refer to this corner #946 ‘Why do we say ‘volley’ in tennis’) From the late 70’s to the mid 80’s, he competed for the top spot with Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, and Ivan Lendl. He was rated as a good player.

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