Will the Ethics Committee take off the ‘stigma on the plant’?… Pay attention to ‘Kim Nam-guk discipline’


The Special Committee on Ethics at the National Assembly to deal with the National Assembly-level disciplinary action against Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who became controversial for possessing a large amount of virtual currency, has started full-scale operation, but there are already concerns that it will be ineffective.

In the meantime, despite various controversies from members of the National Assembly, such as last words and sexual misconduct, it has been called the plant committee, with only two disciplinary actions, and attention is focusing on how this discussion will be conducted.

This is Reporter Kwon Nam-ki.

Rep. Kim Nam-guk apologized to the public four days after being engulfed in suspicion of a large amount of coins.

[Kim Nam-guk / Independent member of parliament (15th, YouTube ‘Kim Eo-jun’s humility is difficult’): I think it was my fault to leave the standing committee time or not.] Then, I left the Democratic Party, but the party representative also bowed and apologized

. [Lee Jae

-myung / Representative of the Democratic Party (14th): I would like to say that I sincerely apologize. Even if you have ten mouths, you will have nothing to say.]

I am filing a complaint against Rep. Kim to the Special Committee on Ethics of the National Assembly, saying that both the ruling and opposition parties need discipline at the National Assembly level.

However, due to the limitations of the Special Committee on Ethics, there is already a prospect that discipline that meets the public eye level will be difficult.

The National Assembly changes the National Assembly Act to create a special ethics committee in 1991, 32 years ago.

[Shin Shin / Former member of the Democratic Justice Party (Yook Seong, May 1991): By clarifying the ethical standards that members of the National Assembly should aim for while correcting the trial and error so far… .]

However, only two of the 234 cases of disciplinary action against members of the National Assembly received from this time.

In particular, there is no ‘expelling’ that deprives a member of the National Assembly, because the conditions are so stringent that the approval of more than two-thirds of the current lawmakers is required.

[Park Hee-tae / then Speaker of the National Assembly (August 2011): I declare that the expulsion bill of National Assembly member Kang Yong-seok has been rejected as it failed to obtain a two-thirds majority.] It is difficult to discipline quickly


It takes 20 days to take 20 days to take a look at the disciplinary, and you have to wait for the submission of the advisory committee opinion that is up to 60 days.

Even with the presentation of the disciplinary bill for Rep. Kim Nam-guk, the ruling and opposition parties engaged in a war of nerves over the issue of reducing the deliberation period. [Lee Yang- soo /

Member of People’s Power (Secretary of the ruling party of the Special Ethics Committee, 17th): It becomes such a delay that it can take from 60 to 80 days.]

I don’t think it’s appropriate to condemn and go on a witch hunt.]

Even if the advisory committee makes an opinion안전놀이터, there is no guarantee when the plenary session’s vote on whether to punish or not will take place.

Even now, four disciplinary proposals for which opinions were submitted to the advisory committee have been tied to the special ethics committee for nearly a year and a half.

It is a special ethics committee that the National Assembly set up to maintain its own authority and gain public trust, but criticism is also raised that it has not played its role for over 30 years.

Attention is focusing on what he will show in the handling of the disciplinary bill for Congressman Nam-guk Kim.

YTNThis is Kwon Nam-gi.

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