“Work from home when the kids are young! Exempt from working overtime!” Japan’s win


‘ Employees with children under the age of three can work from home’

This is the content of the bill the Japanese government is preparing to increase the birth rate스포츠토토.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is pushing a bill that would allow workers with children under the age of 3 to work from home.

It is a bill that requires companies to allow workers to work from home if they so wish.

The bill being promoted will also include exemptions from overtime work for office workers with children before school.

In Japan, early on, it was institutionalized so that companies could not allow office workers with children under the age of 3 to work overtime or overtime if they so wished.

It is intended to further expand this so that parents do not work overtime until their children enter school.

This bill is part of the ‘low birth rate policy on a different level’ strongly ordered by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

At a press conference in March, Prime Minister Kishida emphasized, “In order to overcome the low birth rate issue, we must change the way we work, such as using telecommuting.”

The Japanese government’s judgment is that when telecommuting is activated, the commuting time of office workers’ parents is reduced, which is helpful for raising children.

However, some point out that even if the bill is passed, it will not be easy for workers in small and medium-sized businesses and face-to-face service industries with a lack of manpower to work from home.

In Japan, efforts are being made to improve child-rearing environments, such as the recent introduction of “Children’s Fast Track”, which allows visitors with children to enter public facilities with priority.

As of last year, the total fertility rate recorded 1.3, showing a downward trend for six consecutive years.

Last year, Korea’s total fertility rate was 0.78, the lowest among OECD countries.

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