Yesterday was 136m, today is 131m… Ohtani’s power, two consecutive home runs


Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) hit a home run for two days in a row. The home run distance is considerable. 

On the 4th (Korean time), Ohtani started as the designated hitter in the 2023 Major League (MLB) Seattle Mariners match held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle스포츠토토, Washington, USA, and hit a home run in the top of the 5th inning.

Ohtani, who had been grounded in the infield on both previous occasions, hit a two-run homer that went over the wall in the middle with a low changeup on the third pitch from right-hander starting pitcher George Kirby in the 5th inning when the match was 2-2. It was a large home run with a distance of 131 m (431 feet).

Ohtani also started as the third designated hitter in the away game against the Oakland Athletics held at the Oakland Coliseum the day before, and hit a home run. Ohtani also kicked Waldy Chuck’s ball up and hit a huge solo home run with a distance of 136 m (447 feet).  

All of the homers he hit over the two days were big hits with distances of over 130m. easily crossed the fence. 

Los Angeles Angels won three consecutive victories amidst Ohtani’s performance. In the game on the 4th, Ohtani’s home run was the final blow when the score was tied 2-2. The Angels won 7-3.  

Ohtani’s batting average for the season was 0.294 (5 hits in 17 at-bats). Since the opening of the regular season on the 31st of last month, he has continued his streak of hits in four consecutive games.

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