Yoon Seok-yeol-President Zelensky, shall we meet in Hiroshima?


Regarding whether the meeting between President Yoon Seok-yeol and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who were invited as observers to the G7 summit, was held, the presidential office said, “We have not reached a stage where we can say anything. ”

An official from the presidential office met with reporters at the Hiroshima Press Center in Japan on the afternoon of the 20th and said, “We are not at a stage where we can tell you whether President Zelensky will be with President Yun.” The official went on to say, “Since there is a possibility of change in the meeting or schedule at the multilateral meeting (between the leaders), it would be appropriate to speak about it once the coordination of any schedule is completed.” After attending the Arab League ( AL

) summit held in Saudi Arabia, President Zelensky, who took a ‘surprising’ trip to Japan, arrived at Hiroshima Airport around 3:50 pm on the same day. This is the first visit by President Zelensky to Asia since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year스포츠토토. Earlier, the Japanese government officially announced, “After carefully reviewing the entire agenda and schedule of the summit, the leaders of the seven major countries and President Zelensky decided to hold a session on Ukraine on the final day, the 21st.” As a result, attention is focused on whether President Yun and President Zelensky, who are staying in Hiroshima until the 21st as the heads of observers, will face each other in some way.

Meanwhile, President Yoon plans to present a proposal to overcome the global complex crisis in solidarity with countries that share values ​​at the expanded meeting of the leaders of observers, which began on this day. Kim Eun-hye, chief public relations chief of the Presidential Office, held a briefing at the Press Center and said, “President Yoon is leading the way as a responsible member of the international community by solidarity with countries that share universal values ​​of freedom, human rights, and the rule of law in the face of challenges facing humanity. “President Yoon has maintained his belief and principle that the global complex crisis can only be overcome through a strong spirit of solidarity,” he said. Chief Kim continued, “As a global backbone leading liberal democracy in a country that has received aid from the international community, we will take the lead in supporting food-vulnerable countries and present a new promise so that developing and poor countries are guaranteed equal access to medical responses such as pandemics. ”he added. President Yoon is also expected to express his intention to actively participate in setting rules for decarbonization international standards in the areas of climate change and environment.

At a welcome event held at a hotel in Hiroshima during the day, President Yun and First Lady Kim Kun-hee met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his wife for the first time in 12 days following the Korea-Japan summit in Seoul on the 7th. Wearing a sky-blue tie, President Yoon entered as the third person to enter after Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Comoros President Azali Asumani, said, “Thank you for your hard work,” and shook hands with Prime Minister Kishida and Yuko Kishida in turn. President Yoon and his wife and Prime Minister Kishida took a commemorative photo together.

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