You need to practice so that the size of your backswing and the size of your follow-through are 1:1 [Lee Hyun-ji’s tip lesson]


Even those who don’t play golf themselves have probably heard the phrase ‘driver is show, short game is money’. This famous saying is not just a well-known phrase. It is a phrase with an important meaning that helps many golfers improve their skills and reduce their scores.

If you go out on the field and send your driver far and straight toward the fairway, the day’s round will flow smoothly. It is a bonus to receive applause mixed with envy from your companion.

However, 토토사이트if you start with a great driver shot and make ridiculous mistakes around the green, you can end up with the same result as your partner who made a mistake on your driver shot, and sometimes even worse. As such, the short game is an important factor in determining the golf score. Regardless of professional or amateur, it is often the factor that has the biggest impact on the score.

The short game, in which you must drop the ball exactly where you think, must be accompanied by accurate impact and the skill of swinging the club. In addition, it is necessary to accurately identify and respond to environmental factors that change every time a shot is made. When the ball is placed on slopes such as uphill and downhill as well as flat ground, it is necessary to set a target and swing accordingly.

In addition, the grass, which varies from golf course to golf course, is also an element that hinders accurate short games. Sometimes, the ever-changing grass condition depending on the weather is not only a simple golf swing, but also a criterion for evaluating the application ability to cope with the situation ahead of the short game. In order to respond to these various factors, it is necessary to have the most basic motion to play a short game around the green.

Let’s assume a basic approach situation on flat ground excluding the various variables described above. What should an amateur golfer consider most important in order to play a short game? It’s a 1:1 ratio swing. This is the most important, but also the most forgotten part.

The most common mistake amateur golfers make before approaching around the green is swinging without confidence. Even though he confidently makes a backswing because he is afraid that he might miss a pin that is closer than he thought, he slows down the moment he hits the ball, and he swings as if he were hitting it like in Picture 1.

However, the size of the backswing (photo 2) and the size of the follow-through (photo 3) should be 1 to 1. The reason why it is important to practice the swing size in a 1:1 ratio is to get used to a certain rhythm. When the size of the swing is constant, the rhythm is set and an accurate sense of distance is created. Only then can you make a smooth and accurate approach around the green with a consistent impact, as shown in

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